Pretty designs, standards-compliant code, and online marketing are important. But your core objective is to get results. Good thing you're talking to a team who works at the center of it all.


We have the designing, coding, writing, and project managing skills to get the job done. The proof is in the pudding, er, portfolio.

CREO Agency

Lean startup and marketing consulting

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Defur Voran

Cloud Services Consulting, Google Apps Deployment, IT Strategy

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National Home Health Care

Wordpress implementation, design

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Product strategy, marketing consulting

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Sweet Peaches Bedding

LemonStand implementation, design, X-Cart migration, Data cleansing, eCommerce strategy

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Ecommerce strategy, design

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Campus Outreach Indianapolis

Design, Wordpress custom theme, Wordpress training

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Keramiko’s Kitchen

Magento customization, Design, Magento theme, data verification

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Scene7 integration, theme implementation, module development

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Crank Brothers

Magento install, custom theme implementation, module development, Magento training

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Peckinpaugh Financial

Web Design, SEO, Custom Development, Print Design

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The Eliminator

UI Design, front-end coding

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Bucher Aerospace

Magento implementation, product configuration, training.

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Calvary Baptist Church

Wordpress theme modification, Wordpress training, Wordpress customizations, SEO, hosting

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Route 29

Magento implementation and configuration, custom theme implementation

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eCommerce Services

We craft strategies, websites, and designs to help you grow. Yeah, it's that simple.

Growing from a strong-rooted foundation in solid code development & creative design principles. Organized project management and clear communication are paramount for a successful relationship between technology firm and client. Elias utilizes innovative tools and best practices throughout the software development lifecycle to manage each project.

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Elias has become an important partner to my business and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a technical firm to get the job done.
Errett Cord - Crank Brothers

What really impressed me about Elias was how they took the time to understand our needs and tailor a solution that fit our business process. Their approach was organized, methodical and transparent. We also appreciated their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the job was done right.
Christian Paul - Roam Mobility

They did whatever they had to do to make it happen. And along the way they really helped us understand the best practices.
Josh Fendley - Ample

They have the knowledge, attentiveness and workflow to streamline rapid development projects which are crucial in the web-based industry.
Vernon Fong - DigioBlue


Read the inside scoop about working on the web and running a tech company.

Magento SVN Usage – Best Practices

In this article we talk about best practices around using Subversion (SVN) with Magento to help you maximize its many benefits. Anyone who works with Magento will be interested in this easy to understand capabilities and benefits overview of Magento SVN. Whether you’re a store owner or a developer, SVN … Continue Reading »

How to Create Reusable Apple Mail Templates [video]

UPDATE: This post has been rewritten for the latest version of Mail (7.1+). This also works in Yosemite Mail version 8. Do you ever find yourself writing the same general email over and over? I’ve found myself spending a lot of time responding to initial questions and project requests from … Continue Reading »

How online retailers make you spend more [infographic]

Courtesy of

I’d rather buy from Harry Potter

In great stories (like Harry Potter) the hero is prepared to die to save the day. Your company should be willing to die for your customers. But to think this way you have to care about the people with whom you do business. Viewing them as a necessary evil won’t … Continue Reading »

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

I’m not sure where I discovered Derek Sivers, but his writing and videos are quickly becoming my favorite sources of inspiration (just ordered his book today). Here are 5 tips from Derek’s video for anyone who deals with customers: answer the phone. I’ve been making a concerted effort to answer … Continue Reading »